Are you ready to create a well-rested household?

You want your little one to sleep happily so you can…
…stop spending evenings exhausted and overwhelmed.
…stop feeling like you are in a fog.
…start enjoying your family more.
…start feeling more confident each day.
…get the sleep you need to be refreshed and ready to take care of your family the next day.

I can help you get out of survival mode and teach you how to set new boundaries for sleep. It’s time to start enjoying bedtime!  As your sleep consultant, I provide practicable, age appropriate self-soothing based steps ANY mom can use to set new boundaries for sleep.

I am the Sleep BFF that you have been missing!
I’ll be the friend that quiets the negative voice in your head, keeps you on track, and helps set your expectations.  I will  illustrates the child development behind your child’s adjustment to the new routine, helps you troubleshoot the challenges, and makes sure you see the baby steps on the journey to healthier sleep.

My real-time text support is a game changer for families across the country.  It provides the support busy moms need to reach their goals.

Whether it’s your infant waking multiple times a night or your preschooler battling you at bedtime, Sleep Happy Consulting provides successful strategies of support, coaching, and sleep training.  Everyone wants to sleep happy!

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Our Mission: To be a source of knowledge & empowerment for families; equipping parents with the confidence and tools to teach their children to become happy sleepers.


Sleep Happy has been meeting the needs of sleep deprived clients throughout the country since 2015.  And in 2018, Sleep Happy went international with our first client in Ireland.


Audio Introduction!  Click play below to get to know Jessica…