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Nap Time Struggles

Nap Time

As babies grow and develop, so do their naps…just when you think you have sleep routines in place, your baby goes and grows and develops and naps are all out of whack.

Tips to Help Your Child Sleep Happy at Nap Time

Read Sleep Cues  

Is your little one no longer showing sleepy cues after his normal awake time?  Is your child sick or teething?  Have you been off schedule for a few days?  If your child is sick or teething or off schedule, give it 1-3 days to see if he or she goes back to their regular schedule.

If your child shows his sleepy cues 15-30 minutes after he usually shows cues, then put him down at that time for nap.

How long is it taking your baby to calm to sleep? 

Less than 15 minutes, you are in good shape, don’t change anything.

More than 15 minutes with lots of playing and/or protesting, but takes at least a 45-60 minute nap and wakes up happy?  Push nap back 15 minutes.

Falls asleep quickly, but then takes a short nap, less than 45 minutes? Move nap up 15 minutes.

Watch Awake Times

The awake times for 6 month olds are not the same as 12 month month olds.  Newborns have a small window of awake time and as they get older that small window stretches into up to four hours around 12 months of age.  Are some babies are not affected by awake times?  Yes.  If your infant can be awake 6+ hours and then sleep long stretches at night then you are in good shape.  If you see that your child is grumpy and fussy, maybe not eating well during the day and wakes frequently during the night, then watching awake times is a tool you can use to get better sleep.

Maybe last month they were taking a good nap after being awake for 2 hours, but now they are happy for 2.5-3 hours.  This is normal.  If your baby is not napping well, watch awake times, and stretch them 15-30 minutes to see if this helps your child sleep a full sleep cycle or more at nap time.

Dropping a Nap:  3-to-2 Transition and 2-1 Transition

Around 8-12 months babies can drop their third nap.  This transition happens when awake times stretch between naps and children no longer need that third nap to get them until bedtime without being over tired.  When little ones  can tolerate a 3-4 hour awake time, they are ready to eliminate the third nap.  When little ones fight the third nap, they may be ready to drop it.  When the 30-45 minute catnap begins to be a fight to get 20 minutes of sleep, your child is ready to drop the late day nap.  If your child is experiencing early wakings…4:30-5:30 am, you may need to adjust their day time sleep to help stretch their night time sleep.

When you begin the transition of three naps to two, you may need to have a temporary early bedtime until your child settles into the new routine.

Around 14-18 months toddlers can drop to one nap.  Is your toddler fighting morning nap? Is it suddenly easy to get your child down for one nap but not two?  Is your child being starting daycare where they only put them down for one nap a day?  Is your child for 5-6 hours straight without a nap?  Then you maybe be ready to drop to one nap a day.  Moms everywhere do a little dance at this stage!

Assuming your child wakes at 7 am and goes down for their first nap at 10 am, try moving morning nap to 11 the first day.  Slowly moving the nap down to noon or after, depending on your family’s schedule.  Ideally your child will start to take a 1.5-2 hour nap in the afternoon.  In rare instances, 3 hour naps do happen and you will feel like you are in paradise.  It is okay to wake your child from nap to protect bedtime.  And if during the transition, your child has short naps that end early in the afternoon it is helpful to move bedtime up to keep them from being overtired and disrupting night sleep.

When in doubt, remember you know your child BEST.  Give yourself 5-7 days to try any techniques.  And remember, consistency is key.  If you need support, contact a sleep consultant.

What sorts of tips have worked for your child?  I would love to have moms share other tips that might be helpful to another mom experiencing the same thing.

Is your child not putting themselves to sleep for naps or waking frequently at night?  Does your child seem overtired during the day?  Sleep Happy can help.  Contact Jessica today at 214-856-0341 for a Free 15 Minute Consultation to see how Sleep Happy services can meet your needs.



The Pillow Bar

Sleep Happy goes to The Pillow Bar

Pillow Bar Studio TourAs a sleep consultant for infants and young children, I am always in search of tools that her adults learn how to sleep again.  I get numerous requests to help adults sleep better.  When I first heard about The Pillow Bar in January on Good Morning Texas and was immediately interested in the concept…a personalized pillow made right before your eyes!

I started small, I ordered the Sweet Dreams Hot and Cold Sleep mask for my husband.  He’s not the best sleeper.  He put on the lavender mask the first night and has not slept without it since January 9th when it arrived.  He even hand washed it the other day.  He LOVES it!  It is soft and it blocks the light.  I could not believe it.  Fast forward to March and I decided to order 2 more.  All the while I was curious about the pillows.  I wasn’t sure I was ready to make the investment.  Which is silly.  Do you know how much time we spend sleeping in our lifetime?  We sleep for 1/3 of our life!

I submitted my eye mask order online and almost immediately received a call from Peggy McCormick inviting me to visit their studio in the Dallas Design District.  Heck yeah!  Local business, personalized service, creator of a tool that helps adults get a dreamy night sleep …fire up, I am so excited.  I can’t wait to learn what these pillows are all about.

Upon arrival, Peggy greeted me and I met the founder Merrimac Dillon.  I learned all about the story behind the pillow which grew out of wanting her own husband to get better sleep after back surgery.  Merrimac spent years searching for the perfect pillow and when she couldn’t find one on the market she went about developing one.

Y’all these pillows are the BOMB!  Hand filled, personalized with the research to back up the innovation.

Pillow Bar Down

 The Pillow Bar pillows are personalized because they are created to support you size and the position you sleep in.  Each pillow is HAND filled for medium, firm, or ____ depending on your size (the space between your head and the mattress.  The pillow is designed to fill in the gap in order to promote proper neck and spine alignment.  Pillows come in different sizes and shapes.  For instance, are you a side sleeper?  Does your shoulder ache in the morning?  Merrimac created the Dr. Mary Side Sleeper just for you!  Whoopi Goldberg swears by it.  And now my husband now swears by it!

Pillows come in down or down alternative, not feather.  Down is a natural product.  Their are no quills in the down used in The Pillow Bar pillows.  Therefore, no feather will come out of your pillow and poke you in the night.  These pillows are made in a clean warehouse in Dallas, not in storage rooms or overseas where production lines are dirty.  I watched the clean down run through a pharmacists grade anti static tube to enter the chamber where dust in removed.  Then I watched as Merrimac filled my very own pillow.  She would stop the machine to test the density of the pillow until it was filled enough to feel firm.

Pillow Making Machine

After filling the pillow, she took the washable cover and monogrammed it to my specifications.  Lavender sachets are included in every pillow.  Lavender promotes relaxation.

Pillow Bar Personalization

Interested in more information about these pillows that promote healthy sleep visit The Pillow Bar.

I have slept on my Pillow Bar standard side sleeper pillow every night since the my studio tour.   I ordered my tall insomniac husband the Dr. Mary Side Sleeper Pillow and had it personalized just for him in his favorite color along with a sweet saying ‘Always by my side.”  He loves it and reports he moves less in his sleep and wakes up feeling refreshed.  He continues to sleep with the mask.  I ordered my mom who suffers from sinus allergy headaches often the Hot and Cold Eyemask for Mother’s Day.

Invest in your sleep!  I highly recommend these pillows to help you get better sleep.  Contact me today for pricing and ordering information.

UPDATE:  I am currently taking orders for Hot and Cold Eyemasks and the Dr. Mary Side Sleeper Down Pillow.  Sleep Happy prices on the Dr. Mary Down Pillow are  30% OFF retail prices.  Order today!

Wishing you all a peaceful night’s rest!