It’s easy to start a Sleep Happy Donut Party tradition in your community. It’s a great event that makes Moms, Dads, and little ones (and teens for that matter) happy about waking up.

It would be a great event to plan for your small group at church, an social event for your moms club, an Early Childhood PTA group, an event for your school’s Kindergarten Round Up schedule, or your neighborhood.

I start by creating a flyer, Facebook event, and/or email invitation.  Encourage guests to RSVP so you know how many donuts to order.  I ordered 92 donuts plus some donut holes, and I had 75 guests.  We ran out after 1.5 hours.  Next year, I will order 120.

Start your event early.  We started at 7:30am.  In the past, I have started at 7am.  No one come that early…lol.  With a come and go event like this, and being the first time for some to get up that early… you will have arrivals during the first hour of your event.

Hosting the event in your own driveway makes it easy set up and clean up! If you are hosting at your school playground or park, enlist some high school volunteers to help with set up and clean up so that you can enjoy the party.

What you will need?

  • Order your donuts at least two days in advance from your favorite donut shop or grocery store. (order ALL glazed so the options are all the same).
  • Grab some OJ or juice boxes
  • Cups or Ice
  • Napkins
  • Trash bag or can
  • Table
  •  Outdoor chairs

To make it super simple, I always make the invite BYOC. (Bring Your Own Coffee ~diet coke, DP, or water)

We have hosted probably 5 or more Wake Up Parties since my oldest started Kindergarten. What I have found is how thankful and excited parents are when they arrive. THEY love that you created an fun event to help them get out of bed. Moms and Dads enjoy meeting neighbors, seeing friends, and watching the kids play outside. Often it turns into a whole morning event of fellowship and playtime. You will LOVE hosting this event and your friends will talk about it for years.

Will you be planning a #SleepHappyDonutParty in your neighborhood?

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