Still get confused by Daylight Savings? Spring Forward means setting your clock forward 1 hour this Spring (= lose 1 hour). So, a typical 7pm bedtime becomes 6pm with your child waking up an hour earlier.
How do you plan to help your child adjust to “losing an hour” this Saturday, March 10th?

Option A:  Do nothing.  “My little ones adjust easily and/or we have an early bedtime right now so Springing Forward will actually help our schedule.”

Option B:  Shift your schedule forward starting tomorrow morning and use light to help your little one’s body shift their body clock one hour earlier.  “My children are more sensitive and take longer to adjust to the time change.”
Here are some tips to help you with Option B:

Use Light as a Signal
Dim the lights one hour before bedMove outdoor playtime to the morning to leave time for an earlier bedtimeMove any screen time to the morningBegin using quieter voices when lights are dimmed
Wake 15 Minutes Earlier Each Morning Starting on Wednesday

Wake 15 Minutes Earlier Each Morning Starting on Wednesday
By waking your little one 15 minutes earlier than normal, they will be tired for nap earlier, wake from nap earlier and be ready for bed earlier.  Repeat this method for each of the four days so that when you reach the day the time shifts, your child’s new schedule will match their pre-DST schedule.

FOR INFANTS who nap well you can apply this principle to their last nap instead of morning wake up.

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