Lighting Science Sleepy Baby Bulb Review

Lighting Science Sleepy Baby Bulb Review

Sleepy Bulb Testers“This light bulb doesn’t fit in the exact lamp that we normally use in my daughter’s room.  [That light is from Ikea so it has a funky socket.} So I had to bring in a different lamp. I did take photos of the lamp with a regular light bulb and then with the Sleepy Baby light bulb. The Sleepy Baby light bulb is much more dim compared to a regular light bulb, and is even dimmer than the pink lamp that we use across the room. If this fit correctly, I would definitely use this in our pink lamp because I think it would be the perfect amount of light for cuddles/books before bedtime or middle of the night wakings (especially during the newborn phase.)

Knowing that it is $30 though, I probably wouldn’t buy it for myself. I don’t think a regular bulb has that much of an effect on my daughter. I could see how this could be beneficial to a baby that is sensitive to light, though.

The packaging advertises that the Sleepy Baby bulb helps baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. After the one night of use before bedtime, our schedule didn’t really change, but I should add that my baby has been falling asleep quickly on her own for a while now since we got help from Jessica with Sleep Happy.

Overall, definitely a dimmer bulb, but not worth the $30 investment for me!”

~Kacy Watts, Mom to 10-month-old Natalie

Sleepy Bulb Lamp Comparison

Thanks Kacy for trying it out for all of us.  It was definitely helpful to see the difference the light puts out.  Lighting Science says their Sleepy Baby bulb and their Good Night bulb are designed to promote sleep and not interfere with the brain’s production of melatonin or disrupt the body’s natural circadian rhythm.

While blue light put off by televisions, computers, and smart phones is known to stimulate and wake up the brain the light put out by the Sleepy Baby bulb is said to help prepare you for sleep.  The Sleepy Baby bulb is a 40W Incandescent LED.  The bulb is a P15 form factor with a E26 base.


Lighting Science set out to develop lighting that works with our bodies and the environment, their website says.  They have developed bulbs that promote sleep, along with bulbs that “boost energy, and promote alertness.”

The concept is fascinating.  I think the bulb would would be more appropriate for newborns due to the amount of time parents spend performing tasks with light in the middle of the night.  I wonder if it would also help parents go back to sleep more easily?Toddlers and preschoolers could benefit from the Sleepy Baby lamp for nighttime potty breaks.

The high price is a negative.  However, I would encourage anyone on the fence about trying the bulb to research the lifespan of the bulb and its warranty.

For more information on this and other bulbs, please visit Lighting Science at

P.S.  Sleep Happy Consulting and Kacy Watts were not paid for this review.  I ordered it for the sole purpose of testing it and sharing our thoughts with other moms.

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