Making Bedtime Fun Again

Burrito Game Lover, 18-month-old James

Making bedtime fun for my young clients and their parents has become key to establishing new routines.  Nightly intentional play activities engage children and create excitement at bedtime.  Sleep Happy bedtime games, such as the “Burrito Game,” give children something to look forward to at bedtime.  My 18-month-old client this month loved the Burrito Game so much, he began initiating it each night.  A definite sign of empowerment!  During our 10th Day Wrap Up, his mom eagerly talked about how he would purposely head into the nursery, pick out a blanket and spread it out on the floor, then lay down on it ready to be “Burrito’d.”  This is proof that bedtime doesn’t have to be dramatic.  With consistency and engagement, it can be a real dream.

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