Does your little one use a pacifier to soothe to sleep?  Infants and young children crave oral stimulation.  If your child is like many and takes a pacifier, teaching them how to replace the pacifier independently is essential.


Every family decides when and how to use a pacifier.  If the pacifier is your friend at your house, keep reading!

Fine Motor Activities that Teach Babies How to Replace Their Own Pacifier

Between 0-4 Months, your baby should start to bring their hands to their mouth.  Use this ability to guide them at 4-8 months to grab objects during playtime.

While your baby is laying on his back or side, place your hand on your child’s elbow and guide his hand to the object you want him to grab.  Offer him toys, blanket, textured items, and pacifiers.

Play a game guiding him to pass the object back and forth between his hands.  Sitting on your lap or laying on the floor works for this skill.

All babies learn at different paces, but modeling the skills that develop into grabbing a pacifier and placing it in my mouth will help.

By 8-12 months, he should be able to grasp the pacifier and replace it independently.

When your baby is showing signs of grasping the pacifier, you can begin to teach him how to find a pacifier in his crib.  Pick one corner to keep a “Pile O’Pacis”, guide his hand to show him where the pile of pacis are.  At this age, babies should be going down awake for naps and at bedtime, so incorporate this activity into your bedtime routine if you find yourself replacing the pacifier too many times to count in the night.


For younger infants that are ready for a lovey or do not yet have the fine motor skills to grab their a pacifier, the Sleepy Tot pacifier bunny is a great option.

Sleepytot Pacifier Lovey

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