“I’m SO VERY THANKFUL for you!!! You helped our sweet little guy learn how to sleep and provided our family with REST!” ~Kate, mom to 17-month-old Happy Sleeper

“Jessica, you are simply the best! Thanks for hanging with us through every text, phone call and question! Your encouragement was what got us through!” ~LJ, mom to 2-year-old Happy Sleeper
“I am just so thankful that I allowed myself to ask for help. I wish I would have asked earlier. When we set goals on day 1 never did I think that we would accomplish all 3 in ten days! I am so proud of my little one we were a team and we both got what we needed! SLEEP!” ~Jorie, mom to 5-month-old Happy Sleeper

“I’m so thankful for this experience! It wildly exceeded my expectations and I’m forever grateful for the tools I learned.” ~Katie, mom to 12-week-old Happy Sleeper

“Thank you so much Jessica! You truly have a gift of learning each “client” and customizing a specific plan to them. You provided such a great support system for James and I to work through the entire 10 days! You had consistent open communication and always kept in mind what would work best for our family. It is so nice being able to put Eva down for a nap or to bed and not be nervous about when she will wake up.” ~Erin, mom to 5-month-old Happy Sleeper

“Jessica, thank you so much for making me feel so supported during our time together. Just having you there to answer my questions was like having my version of the “mom manual” I’m always looking for. Thank you for encouraging and supporting me!” ~Jennifer, mom to 8-month-old Happy Sleeper

ZH Circle“Thank YOU!  Thank YOU!  Thank YOU!  Words can’t describe how happy you have made our whole family.  You have given me the confidence I have been needing to sleep train.  You gave my baby her delightful, spunky attitude back.  You gave me time with my older girls and their daddy.  You gave me time for ME!  Wow. You have a GIFT and praise God you are using it.  I will be telling everyone I know about you.  I am forever indebted to you.” ~Michelle, mom to 10-month-old Happy Sleeper

ET Circle“You were so patient and understanding! You very much customized our training to Elliot’s specific needs.” ~Paige, mom to 6-month-old Happy Sleeper

Whitney “Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I cannot believe how you have completely turned our sleeping situation around for the better.  Emmy is sleeping through the night.  -I never thought that would happen!  We are so appreciative of all your hard work!” ~Whitney, mom to 17-month-old Happy Sleeper

Sydney“I’m sad our time has come to an end.  However, I feel like you have armed me with a good Arsenal to help Sydney.  Thank you for helping me and our family!” ~Jodi, mom to 6-month-old Happy Sleeper

Landon circle“I couldn’t have asked for a better service!  Jessica was so attentive and her response time by email or text was extremely quick.  Thank you Jessica for such a wonderful service you provide!  You have given me some wonderful resources to use to help Landon maintain a schedule so we both can sleep happy.  You have helped me lay a wonderful foundation.”  ~Mallorie, mom to 3-month-old Happy Sleeper

“My first two babies had been dream sleepers, and I thought I had it all figured out. But shortly after having our third baby, I realized I was in over my head. At nine months old, she wasn’t sleeping through the night, only wanted to nap while being held, and ended up in our bed most nights because I was too tired to keep taking her back and forth. Jessica created a sleep schedule, offered feedback, and checked in throughout the first days via email and texts. Within three days, my daughter was napping regularly and sleeping through the night in her crib. Total game changer in our house!” ~Melissa, mom to 9-month-old Happy Sleeper

CM circle“You saved my sanity and even made it possible for me to have a Christmas tree. Because of Chloe’s waking in the middle of the night and crawling into our bed, my husband had to sleep on the futon in our living room. The futon was where we always put our Christmas tree. So there was no Christmas tree unless Chloe would sleep in her own room. You made it possible for me to have my Christmas tree, some sanity, and possibly saved our marriage!”~Jennifer, mom to 2-year-old Happy Sleeper


“You gave me peace of mind and strength as a mama to make it through this difficult phase. We worked on sleep training. In five days he was sleeping through the night and waking up a very happy and smiley baby. Thank you for your help and for listening.”~ Kelle, mom to 7-month-old twin Happy Sleepers

Maddie“Jessica was amazing to work with! She supported me and my daughter through a difficult transition from co-sleeping to crib. I highly recommend her services to anyone struggling with sleep issues.” ~Erica, mom to 10-month-old Happy Sleeper

GB Circle

“I am beyond satisfied with Sleepy Happy’s service. Jessica could not have been more pleasant to work with. I provided my background of the current routine with my kids and she developed a great strategy to change that and get my kids asleep earlier. Not only did she help me accomplish my goals with one child, she helped me accomplish my goals with all 3 children and in one week!! I have also been able to go to sleep earlier each night too! My daughter was taking melatonin every night to help her fall asleep. I never thought I would get her to be able to stop taking it but with Jessica’s help and support of me during this process, it worked! My daughter stopped taking it after going through this process for just two days. Jessica always responded to my questions immediately and always had options/suggestions to provide me. I wish I knew about Sleep Happy a long time ago! The service was beyond exceptional and I will share my stories with other moms and pass on as many referrals as I can! Thank you, Jessica and Sleep Happy!!”~Nikki, mom to 3-year-old twin Happy Sleepers and 2 year old Happy Sleeper