Sleep Routines: The Teacher Perspective Video

You’ve got the right supplies, you’ve got the new outfit, you might even have a First Day of… sign ready to go..

You’ve googled Pinterest lunches and stocked the pantry for the first few weeks.

But… have you equipped your little one with the skills to help them transition from Summer days to school days with the most success?

In this video, you will hear the Teacher Perspective.  Cathy and I discuss some GOLDEN nuggets of wisdom on what the first days of school actually feel like for young children.  It’s all the things your child can’t answer when you pick them up and ask, “what did you do today at school?”

Our goal is to help you set your child up for school success, so we are talking about the things most parents don’t consider…

How your child learns school routines and transitions?

How your child processes all the sights and sounds and distractions of the lunch room?

How your child internalizes all the new processes and procedures of necessary in a school day?

and more…

Visit the Sleep Happy Facebook Page and share your thoughts and tips for back to school.  We would love to hear your Back to School story and how you set your child up for success!

Still have questions, not sure how to begin to reset routines, Sleep Happy can help!  Schedule a Free 15 minute Phone Consultation today so that I can hear about the sleep challenges in your household!

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