Traveling with Happy Sleepers

Traveling with little ones this season?  Worried about your good sleep routines falling apart?  Don’t.

Children that have a predictable sleeping routine are often more flexible because they are not sleep deprived.  Enjoy your trip.

Pick one routine (bedtime or naps) to maintain as well as possible.  

If you stick to your bedtime routine, try to encourage naps on the go at your normal awake time interval.

If you choose nap routines, stretch naps when needed to adjust to a late bedtime.

AND give yourself and your little ones THREE days of strict routines (wake time, cues, awake times, and bedtime) when you get home to get back on track.

What to pack to recreate your sleep environment:

  1. Bring your Pack ‘n Play or rent one with a company like
  2. Pack your crib sheet
  3. Bring lovey (and backups if you have them)
  4. Bring a portable noise machine like the Dohm Portable found on Amazon.
  5. Portable blackout curtains like Gro Anywhere Blinds found on Amazon.

If sharing a room, it’s important to create a boundary between the parent bed and little one’s sleeping area.  Some rooms may have a living space or furniture you could place the crib behind.  For other rooms here are some options:

  • Snoozeshade Breathable Canopy found on Amazon
  • Create a DIY boundary by packing a dark sheet and clothes pins or command strips to hang a makeshift curtain as a boundary

And above all, have a great get away!!

One more tip for infants…because it is GENIUS!!!  Pack an air pump and an inflatable pool to provide a clean confined play boundary.

Packable Travel Play Pen


2 thoughts on “Traveling with Happy Sleepers

  1. Recently traveled to NYC with a 5 week old and inadvertently followed some of your advice. We tried to recreate bed time. Hotel had a crib and we brought our own sheets. In the future I might even bring the sheets currently on her crib so that there would be a smell of home.

    Our challenge was actually awake time. The city provided so much stimulation, and the weather wasn’t great for finding a quiet park. Finding a place where we could chill and be awake without too much stimulus was hard. Our solution was to go back to the hotel for awake time even though mama desperately wanted a nap! Napping on the go was easy enough with a newborn.

    Our goal for the 2 nights away was to figure out what it takes to travel with our baby. It’s certainly not impossible. Some tweaks here and there were needed, but we had a great time!

  2. This is so great to hear! I love hearing that you had a great time and your learned what was important to watch for… awake times. Testing out traveling with a new little one and figuring out what works best for everyone!! Thank you so much for sharing TusaRebecca.

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