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Hi, I’m Jessica and I love sleep. I love sleeping and talking about sleep, but what I really take joy in is supporting parents through the process of teaching their children to sleep.

Sadly, babies do not enter the world knowing how to sleep. Some babies learn to sleep easily, but most have to be taught how to sleep. Much like we have to create boundaries so our children stay safe, infants look to us to create structure and guide them into becoming happy sleepers.

I am here to dispel the myth that as parents, you have to figure everything out on your own. It is okay to ask for support. Unlike the generations before us where multigenerational families lived together with the grandmother supporting the new mother through the birth of her children, today mothers are isolated and feel pressured to have all the answers in the first couple months as a mother. You are not alone. You are doing a great job, and you do not have to do it all.

My goal is to empower you to create a rested and happy household.

Sleep Happy will be your family’s support. My extensive background in child development and early intervention combine to give me a unique approach to sleep challenges. Through this experience I have fine-tuned my skills at addressing challenges at the developmental level and building the child up from there. I will meet you where you are, address your sleep challenges with your child, and together as a team we will develop a plan for your children to sleep the way you want them too. We will take it step by step and I will give you the skills to create the schedule that meets your needs.

My Background: I earned a Child Development and Family Relationships degree from the University of Texas while working as a nanny to infant twins. After graduation I went on to be a case manager with Early Childhood Intervention where I worked with the birth to three population with developmental delays as part of an interdisciplinary team. From there I went to teach kindergarten in Dallas Independent School District before becoming a mom. After the birth of my first child, I worked as a nanny and as the assistant director of a Mother’s Day Out before creating my dream job of helping parents create rested families through Sleep Happy Consulting in August of 2015.

Aside from working as a sleep consultant, I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with my husband Alan and our three children; Madeleine, and twins, Everett and Ashton. I am an avid reader, love girls nights out with my friends, and cozy nights at home with my family.


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