At Sleep Happy, my goal is to empower you to create a rested and happy household.

Unfortunately for parents, babies do not enter the world knowing how to sleep. Most babies have to be taught how to sleep – a skill that gives your baby or child the rest they need for brain development and growth.

But most parents today can’t do it all – and that’s okay – they need the help and support of an expert to give them the structure needed to help their child learn to sleep happy.

Through Sleep Happy’s custom coaching services, I can help you navigate sleeping challenges for a range of ages. Whether you are looking to lay a sleep foundation for your newborn, handle comprehensive sleep training, or deal with the crib to bed transition, Sleep Happy’s step-step approach will give you the confidence you need to guide your child to become a happy sleeper.

My extensive background in child development and early intervention combine to give me a unique approach to sleep challenges. And as a mom of twins, I’ve been there on those sleepless nights. Since 2015, I’ve helped more than 350 families reclaim their sleepless nights.

Join my family of happy sleepers TODAY with a FREE 15-minute consultation.



jessJessica earned a Child Development and Family Relationships degree from the University of Texas while working as a nanny to infant twins. After graduation she went on to be a case manager with Early Childhood Intervention where she worked with the birth to three population with developmental delays as part of an interdisciplinary team. From there she went to teach kindergarten in Dallas Independent School District before becoming a mom. After the birth of her first child, she worked as a nanny and as the assistant director of a pre-school before creating her dream job of helping parents create rested families through Sleep Happy Consulting in August of 2015.

Aside from working as a sleep consultant, she lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her husband Alan and their three children; Madeleine, and twins, Everett and Ashton.

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